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We Asked, You Said, We Did

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We asked

We asked whether residents in the existing ‘Zone T’ parking zone and an extended area bounded by Old Kent Road, Meeting House Lane and Sumner Road, wished to see parking controls implemented.

You said

The majority of respondents stated a preference for parking controls, and noted that they experienced considerable parking pressure. The majority also wanted this to operate Monday-Friday during the day.

We did

We made a recommendation to the decision maker to proceed with an extended parking zone, to operate Monday-Friday 8am-6.30pm. This has been agreed, subject to statutory consultation expected in Spring 2022.

We asked

We asked for your views on our new property licensing proposals and a Gold Standard Charter for Landlords to improve privately rented properties and your community.

You said

42% were in favour of our proposals to introduce an additional licensing scheme for houses let in multiple occupation (HMOs) with only 17% disagreeing.

45% were in favour of our selective licensing proposals for properties let in the private rented sector occupied by couples, individuals or a family. Only 20% disagreed.

67% of respondents said they would be more likely to move into a property let by a landlord who had signed up to our Gold Standard Charter.

A more detailed summary of the responses to the survey can be seen in the file ‘Consultation Final Report’.

We did

Following the outcome of the survey we made some changes to the conditions that will be attached to the licences and some of the property types included in the schemes. A list of these changes can be seen in the document ‘Council’s Consideration of Consultees Responses’.

Final Designation Declarations can be viewed below:

Additional Licensing

Selective Licensing

We asked

We asked you whether you would like to change the location of the permeable road closure on Alberta Street or keep the closure in its current location. There were three options to choose from which provided different access arrangements, parking changes and impact on walking and cycling.

You said

You said - You told us that the majority of respondents to the survey (53%) preferred Option 3, this is to keep the permeable road closure in its current location on Alberta Street.

We did

Following the outcome of the survey the permeable road closure has stayed in its current location. A further review of all the low-traffic neighbourhood measures installed in Walworth as experimental measures will be carried out in Summer 2021.