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Open Consultations

  • Victory Community Park - 2nd consultation

    Help us shape improvements to Victory Community Park Victory Community Park is located close to the Elephant and Castle within the Borough, Bankside and Walworth area of Southwark. The park is situated between Rodney Place, Munton Road, Balfour Street and Victory Place. The... More

    Closes today

  • Nursing Care Charter - staff

    We’re committed to improving the quality of care for residents and families living in residential and nursing care homes in Southwark. In order to do this we would like to better understand the views and experiences of: residents and families, using nursing or... More

    Closes 30 October 2020

  • Nursing Care Charter - management

    We’re committed to improving the quality of care for residents and families living in residential and nursing care homes in Southwark. In order to do this we would like to better understand the views and experiences of: residents and families, using nursing or... More

    Closes 30 October 2020

  • London Living Wage - going the extra mile

    Lambeth, Lewisham and Southwark councils will be hosting a virtual event to celebrate our amazing businesses that have adopted the Living Wage. The event will be your opportunity to hear from other local organisations about their Living Wage journey; we will also be presenting an... More

    Closes 31 October 2020

  • Proposed Changes to the Submitted New Southwark Plan

    Southwark Council are consulting on amendments carried out to the submitted New Southwark Plan (NSP). More

    Closes 2 November 2020

Closed Consultations

  • Climate Emergency Conference

    The Empowering Communities Team thank you for taking part in our Climate Emergency Conference. We would like to know from you how we performed. Sharing your views will give us an understanding of what you personally felt about the conference and this feedback will help us to act on what we... More

    Closed 22 October 2020

  • Future Use of the Jack Hobbs Centre

    Tell us your ideas for the Jack Hobbs Centre You might be aware of the Jack Hobbs Centre on the Brandon Estate. The council thinks the centre presents an exciting opportunity for residents and should be at the heart of the community. We now want to hear your ideas for the... More

    Closed 22 October 2020

  • Southwark Council Plan Refresh 2020

    Southwark’s 2018-22 Council Plan is the overarching business plan for the council and describes our vision for the borough. It sets out the council’s priorities for the next four years, and the commitments that we have made to the people of Southwark. Since 2018, we have already... More

    Closed 20 October 2020

  • Great Estates guarantee

    Great Estates is about celebrating our council estates. We want to encourage our communities to integrate. We want to make sure every estate is clean, safe and cared for, and a great place to live. Residents are at the heart of our vision. We need your help to make sure we can fulfil... More

    Closed 18 October 2020

  • Brimmington Park Sports Centre Hub - 2nd consultation

    Shape our draft design proposals to improve Brimmington Park We want to hear your views on a draft design proposal to shape improvements to Brimmington Park, near Old Kent Road in North Peckham. The park is owned and run by Southwark Council. Over the last... More

    Closed 11 October 2020

We Asked, You Said, We Did

Here are some of the issues we have consulted on and their outcomes. See all outcomes

We Asked

We asked service users and providers for their views on the updated Travel Assistance Policy 2020, and in particular whether the terms of the policy were sufficiently clear.

You Said

Overall respondents found the revised policy sufficiently clear, but offered comments on some of the specific terms.

We Did

We have implemented a number of detailed changes to the text of the Policy, and the revised Travel Assistance Policy has now been approved by the Lead Cabinet Member.

We Asked

What time of day are you able to leave waste out for collection in the morning and evening?

You Said

  • In the morning between 8am and 9am
  • In the evening between 6pm and 7pm

We Did

  • We listened to the views expressed by residents and businesses
  • We will use the most popular suggestions (as above) for the Camberwell Town Centre scheme
  • As with other areas that benefit from the scheme, there will be no waste or large commercial waste bins on the streets of Camberwell Town Centre for most of each day
  • These arrangement will make the area cleaner and more pleasant for everyone


Southwark Council has made the decision to postpone the roll-out of the timed waste collection scheme to Camberwell in response to the current impact COVID-19 (coronavirus) is having.

The current government advice is for non-essential businesses to close and for people to stay at home unless they are travelling for the reasons given in the guidance. It is essential for us as a council to follow the government advice regarding staff, and the stay at home requirement, in order to limit the spread of the virus.

We Asked

We want to change how the streets perform so that we can improve:

  • walking - by providing new crossings and widening footways
  • cycling - by providing segregated cycleway
  • bus reliability - improving bus journey times
  • local access issues - by creating two-way streets
  • public realm - such as Lower Road shopping area

We asked what you thought of our propoposals which included:

  • All roads are made two-way, except for Cope Street, Croft Street and a small section of Hawkstone Road
  • Lower Road between Rotherhithe Old Road and Redriff Road becomes bus and cycle only to enable connections with Cycleway 4 and the Rotherhithe Cycleway
  • The through route for traffic becomes Rotherhithe Old Road, Rotherhithe New Road, Bush Road and Bestwood Street
  • A segregated two-way cycleway is provided along  Lower Road, this forms part of the overall Cycleway 4 proposals
  • Straight ahead movement introduced from Plough Way into Rotherhithe New Road
  • Five new pedestrian crossings
  • Public realm improvements including new planting
  • Three trees removed, 13 new trees provided. Over the two projects there is an overall gain of five trees
  • Amendments to some bus routes

You Said

In total, there were 1220 respondents to the online consultation.  Approximately 70% of those that responded supported the proposals.  The full report can be found here.

We Did

We are now reviewing the scheme in light of the comments and suggestions that have been raised.  The review is expected to be completed in the Autumn of 2020.