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  • Bird in Bush Road School Street Proposal

    Tell us what you think about plans for a proposed 'School Street' on Bird in Bush Road. We have worked with Camelot Primary School to develop plans that will improve safety for pupils travelling to school and remove traffic cutting through on this road. The proposal includes... More

    Opens 23 March 2023

We Asked, You Said, We Did

Here are some of the issues we have consulted on and their outcomes. See all outcomes

We asked

What did local people want to see as the permanent traffic arrangements on Rye Lane?

You said

61% of respondents preferred to keep the buses running two-ways on Rye Lane, though residents of Rye Lane itself, and younger people, would have preferred it to be one-way or even vehicle-free. Respondents also noted issues with rubbish, narrow pavements and street clutter.

We did

We have proposed to retain the two-way buses on Rye Lane. We will be working with disabled people, and with other teams in the council to improve pavement conditions and accessibility on Rye Lane and side streets. 

Details of the decision can be viewed here: Decision - Rye Lane - Traffic Arrangement Consultation Review - Southwark Council

We asked

We asked for your views on the proposed restoration of the Grade 2 listed East Lodge building at Nunhead Cemetery, as well as additional facilities and activities you would like to be made available there in the future.

You said

You showed great support to the project and gave us lots of feedback on how you value the site at the moment and how it could be improved through the provision of facilities and a programme of activities.

The consultation results can be viewed here.

We did

We submitted a funding application in order to develop the project further and to eventually deliver it.

Should the application be successful, the development phase is expected to start in Autumn 2022 and will involve some in-depth public engagement activities throughout 2023.

All the ideas collected through the survey will inform the interpretation strategy and activity plan.

We asked

We asked local residents and businesses for their views on proposals to pilot a street market on Melbourne Grove, near the junction with Grove Vale.

You said

The majority of respondents supported the idea of a market. Local residents raised concerns about the potential for litter, smells from hot food, and additional parking pressures.

We did

* Please note - the market will not now be going ahead on 10th September as planned *

We are proceeding with a trial market between 10th September and 31st December 2022. This will run between 10am and 4pm each Saturday, and consist of no more than 12 stalls.

We plan to try a number of different operators, so we can see what best meets the needs of the local community. We do not plan to include any hot food stalls. The market operators and vendors will be expected to keep the area clean and keep any disturbance to a minimum. We are in discussion with the operators and council parking managers about managing parking pressures.

The trial will be reviewed in late 2022 before any decision on a permanent market.