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We Asked

We engaged with residents and key stakeholders in September and October 2018 in regards to a trial ‘No entry’ measure in Champion Hill intended to cut the high volumes of through traffic especially as the road is part of a cycle route ‘Quietway 7’.

The trial is now live. Please provide feedback on the trial by responding to the feedback questionnaire

You Said

We received hundreds of responses, including a range of very helpful suggestions. The majority of people (57%) within the consultation area were in support of the trial with 71% of residents in Champion Hill in support. Further afield there was less support for the trial.

The main concerns raised during consultation:

  • Accessing the main road is difficult from Grove Hill Road due to the banned right turn and will displace traffic onto other residential roads,
  • The trial will cause congestion on the main roads and unacceptable delays to buses and emergency services.
  • The trial will increase traffic flows in Camberwell Grove, also on the quietway.

A summary consulation report of the trial is attached below.

We Did

A decision has been made to proceed with the 'no entry' trial which will be monitored using before and after data within a 6-9 month period. A comprehensive monitoring and evaluation plan has been set up to ensure that impacts of the trail are carefully identified and assessed, and if necessary, mitigated to ensure any negative impact is reduced. This is available in the "Consultation summary and next steps" document attached below.

The timescales are listed below:

  • Winter 2018/19: Independent road traffic safety audit and final design of trial no entry
  • January 2019: Experimental Traffic Management Order
  • January 2019: Baseline data gathered as per final traffic monitoring plan 
  • Monday 4 February 2019: Construction begins (weather permitting)
  • Week of 4 February 2019: Trial to go live (weather permitting)  
  • February - Autumn 2019 (6-9 months): Monitoring period, including settling in period and monitoring surveys. Please provide feedback on the trial by responding to the feedback questionnaire
  • Late Autumn 2019: Results of monitoring analysed and presented and consultation on permanent feature
  • Winter 2019/20: Decision making- consultation report and recommendations
  • Spring 2020: Make permanent/remove/modifications/mitigation (subject to statutory consultation)

The trial will be carefully coordinated with the Camberwell Traffic Management Study (currently in early stages of the project) where possible to ensure joined working and a single purpose outcome of creating Healthy Streets for all in the Camberwell area. We are also coordinating with other road works in the area during the trial monitoring and construction.

We Asked

What is your experience of the look and feel of Crystal Palace Parade.

You Said

The area of the double-dutch roundabouts is much easier for pedestrians to use now, but there are some difficulties for motorists and cyclists.

We Did

We agreed to look at signage and navigation issues as part of the 'snagging' process for the Crystal Palace Parade project, based on the comments we received.

We Asked

We asked people, through the consultation hub and a street survey, how they felt about Harper Road at the moment, based on Healthy Streets criteria.

You Said

You told us you liked the trial width restrictions but there was still too much fast traffic, which made the road sometimes feel unsafe. You also said that the area around the shops sometimes looks untidy.

We Did

We produced a new set of plans for road and street improvements on Harper Road, and launched a consultation on these plans in October 2018.