Suggest a name for future public buildings and spaces in Southwark

Closes 19 Apr 2024

Opened 16 Feb 2022


We are creating a bank of future names for new public buildings and spaces in Southwark.

As part of Southwark Stands Together we are looking at our streets and shared spaces and how they can be changed to celebrate diversity

We need to change our approach to naming local streets and buildings, to make sure they reflect diverse communities

Naming Guidance

  1. Having a strong connection to Southwark (or at least South East London).
  2. Diversity – the name represent Southwark’s diverse Black, Asian and other ethnic minority communities,  and other under-represented groups including women, LGBTQI+ people and disabled people.
  3. The positive impact the individual made (how the person enriched people’s lives/ how they were inspirational).
  4. The person is no longer alive.
  5. Consideration will also be given to names not related to a person. These may include historic events and places as well as other characteristics of the area.
  6. The name should be researched to check it is not shared with another person who may be known for different reasons.

Suggestions that are in harmony with these principles will form a new bank for future new buildings or public spaces to be named.

These names will then be reviewed for further local engagement.

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