Camberwell Grove Bridge

Closes 30 Oct 2017

Opened 9 Oct 2017


Camberwell Grove bridge, near the junction with McNeil Road, has been closed to motor traffic since October 2016, due to structural failure. Repairs to the bridge will soon be completed by Network Rail, which will allow it to be reopened for small motor vehicles (under 3 tonne) with traffic lights allowing alternate one-way flows to cater for both north and south-bound traffic.

Since the bridge has been closed, the council has heard from some residents who favour retaining the closure on a permanent basis, as well as some residents who wish to see it reopened as soon as possible, principally due to the impact of additional traffic on other residential roads in the area.

However because it will make such an impact, the council wants to hear your views before taking a final decision on reopening the bridge.

Please answer our online consultation here by 30 October.

Monitoring of traffic displacements –what the results show.

As part of the closure the council monitored traffic volumes in the local area in order to evaluate impact of any traffic displacements

Traffic data was collected in 2015, prior to the bridge closure .

The council collected traffic data in November 2016 and July 2017


Summary of traffic analysis: See Figures 2 and 3

  • Generally there has been an  increase  in traffic  on the following residential roads:
    • Grove Park
    • Chadwick Road
    • Lyndhurst Way
    • Bellenden Road
    • Lyndhurst Grove
    • Rye Lane


  • Volumes have reduced on :
    • Camberwell Grove
    • McNeil Road
    • Grove Hill Road


  • Generally a 15% increase in traffic volume in the area of influence compared to the 2015 baseline.

Next key steps

Public consultation: 9-30 October 2017.

Prepare report on outcome of consultation: 1-10 November.

Update Community Councils (Camberwell and Peckham and Nunhead) week commencing 13 November 2017.

The final decision on the future of the bridge sits with the council’s cabinet member for Environment and the Public Realm, Cllr Ian Wingfield.

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