Alvey Estate - Revised Consultation

Closes 30 Sep 2021

Opened 28 Aug 2020


Please have a look at the revised proposal which provides more details. Please click here revised proposal.

Once you have had a look at the proposal please fill in the short survey and let us know:

  • If you agree with the principles of creating new council homes on estate
  • Your suggestions on ways in which your estate could be improved alongside the creation of new council homes.
  • What your main concerns be with the development of new homes
  • Whether you would like to be part of the Residents Project Group which is made up of local residents and stakeholders who will work with the architects and project team to develop design proposals. 

Throughout the design and delivery process there will be many opportunities for you to have your say on the proposed development. We will keep you updated through newsletters, and through our dedicated consultation hub for the scheme.  

Why We Are Consulting

We need your help deciding where and how we build new council homes while making improvements to your estate that all residents can benefit from.

Privacy statement  
Any personal information recorded here will only be used by our New Homes Team for the purposes of reference and contact under s105 of the Housing Act 1985, and will be destroyed after four years. If you are concerned about how the council uses your personal data or would like to enquire about the personal information we hold on you, please contact us via or on 0207 525 5000.


Give Us Your Views


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