Westmoreland Road footway scheme

Closed 14 Aug 2015

Opened 13 Jul 2015

Feedback updated 21 Dec 2015

We asked

We want to improve the shopping parade on Westmoreland Road (off Walworth Road). We asked what you thought of our proposals to improve the footway.

You said

We received 103 responses: 93% supported the proposals, 4% opposed them and 3% had no opinion.

We did

The proposals were approved by Borough, Bankside & Walworth Community Council in September 2015. We are preparing a more detailed design based on the initial proposals and statutory consultation will start in January 2016.


Westmoreland Road is home to a major regeneration scheme currently underway in Faraday ward. Southwark Council is looking to improve the appearance and streetscape of the Westmoreland Road shopping parade. This scheme is being funded from a Section 106 contribution made by the Aylesbury Estate Regeneration Project.

We would like to receive your views on the proposed footway improvement scheme in Westmoreland Road. We would be grateful if you could answer some general questions so that we can find out what your views are towards the proposals.

Localised highway improvements to the Westmoreland shopping parade:

  • Footway will be resurfaced in high quality paving
  • New street tree provision
  • Raised table at the junction with Red Lion Row to improve road safety, by reducing pedestrian crossing distances and slowing down vehicular traffic
  • Resident parking bays will be inset bays
  • Street lighting will be replaced.


There will be a loss of two parking bays to allow for a loading bay on the north side and the raised table construction. This supports the Council’s objective of helping local businesses and improving safety for all road users.

What happens next

A total of 103 responses were received during the consultation period. This represents 8% response rate.

Officers have verified the data to ensure that only one response per household was received and that all responses received were from an address within the project area. As a result of this exercise, no responses needed to be removed from the data.

The following level of agreement has been achieved in relation to the questions contained within the consultation document:

  • Support-          93% consultees support the proposals
  • Oppose-          4% consultees oppose the scheme
  • No Opinion-     3% consultees have had no opinion 


In light of the positive consultation outcome for the proposed safety and streetscape improvements in Westmoreland Road and the council's commitment for making streets in the borough safer for all road users, it is recommended that the scheme is progressed to implementation.

A report is being taken to Borough, Bankside & Walworth Community Council on the 16th September with the officer;s recommendation to proceed to detailed design and construction and the advertisement of the relevant traffic orders. Revised proposals are attached in Appendix E.

The traffic order process will be subject to statutory consultation.

If you would like to read the full summary report of the consultation it can be found below in the related documents.

Should you require any further information regarding the proposed scheme or the summary report please contact Mandalina Stricevic at mandalina.stricevic@southwark.gov.uk.


  • Westmoreland Road consultation event

    From 18 Jul 2015 at 11:00 to 18 Jul 2015 at 14:00

    A drop in session will be held on Saturday 18 July 2015. This will provide an opportunity for local residents and stakeholders to view the plans and to directly engage with council officers. We will be available to discuss the proposed changes in detail or provide answers to particular points of detail that are not covered here.

    The venue for the drop in session:
    Southwark Resource Centre,
    10 Bradenham Close (off Westmoreland Road),
    London SE17 2QB.


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