Streets for People in East Faraday

Closed 3 Nov 2023

Opened 2 Oct 2023


Tell us what changes we can make to the streets in the East Faraday area to make it easier to walk, wheel, cycle or just spend time in the area.

A few years ago we introduced a number of measures in the streets around East Faraday, to reduce motor vehicle traffic and make the streets safer for walking and cycling. These measures have been in a 'temporary' form ever since. Locations include:

  • Bagshot Street: Adding a traffic filter between junction with Smyrk's Road and Mina Road.
  • Bagshot Street: Adding benches and planters.
  • Shorncliffe Road and a section of Albany Road: Improving the pavement.
  • Mina Road: Improving the pavement.

Now we will be installing permanent infrastructure at these locations. While we are doing so, we would like your thoughts on any additional measures that would make the area more attractive and easy to use for residents. 

We will be working with Ark Walworth Academy to improve the streets in the area.

This is in line with our Streets for People programme, which is looking at improving streets across the whole of Southwark. 




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