East Dulwich parking zone and healthier streets

Closed 28 Feb 2019

Opened 11 Jan 2019

Feedback updated 28 Nov 2019

We asked

In January and February 2019 we asked for your views on a proposed controlled parking zone in East Dulwich, as well as a number of suggested healthy streets improvements.

You said

We received a very large number of responses to the informal consultation in January and February 2019. Overall residents did not want to see a parking zone covering this whole area. Residents of the streets closer to East Dulwich Station were in favour of a parking zone. The majority of respondents within the reduced area were in favour of an all day zone.

We did

We produced an interim report in April 2019 for the purposes of inviting feedback from community council on the interim recommendations.

In the interim report we recommended a parking zone to cover a number of streets close to East Dulwich Station with all day parking restrictions.

Comments on the report were invited from Community Council.

The report was discussed at the Dulwich Community Council Forum meeting on 27 April 2019. Dulwich Community Council gave the following feedback:

•        For the proposed ‘Melbourne Grove’ area to exclude a number of streets adjacent to Lordship Lane where there was no evident majority (Blackwater Street, Bassano Street, Chesterfield Grove, Ashbourne Grove and Melbourne Grove south of East Dulwich Grove)

•        For the area to be named ‘East Dulwich Grove zone’.

A final consultation report and individual decision making report were presented by officers to the decision maker in July 2019 and a decision was made in August 2019 to proceed to statutory consultation on an East Dulwich zone comprised of a small number of streets close to the train station to operate Monday to Friday 8.30am to 6.30pm. Details of the decision report, including the relevant reports can be found on the moderngov website  

The statutory consultation ran for four weeks ending 17 October 2019. The traffic order notice can be found on the councils traffic order page.

Following statutory consultation, officers presented an objection report to the decision maker for determination. The report will be published on the moderngov website  

For updated timescales on the project please refer to the project website: www.southwark.gov.uk/eastdulwichparking



**Consultation extended by four weeks due to missing/late mail delivery of consultation information**

Southwark Council is conducting a parking and healthier streets study in the East Dulwich area, shown in pink below.

We have received many requests for permit parking from residents in East Dulwich since 2015 and we expect parking pressure to increase with the adjacent Dog Kennel Hill parking zone recently implemented and should the 'Peckham West' zone to the North be implemented (also in consultation). Images below show examples of the current situation in East Dulwich and also double parking in the 'Peckham West' area soon after the adjacent Dog Kennel Hill zone was implemented. 

We are therefore carrying out a study on the potential introduction of a parking zone in East Dulwich, to improve parking for residents and support businesses while creating more healthy streets for people from all walks of life.

We expect for the zone to result in freeing up roughly 40% of the kerbside space and are therefore proposing ‘healthy streets’ proposals to encourage walking and cycling for people from all walks of life: ‘parklets’ (planting and communal seating in the place of a parking space), seating along walking routes for places to stop and rest, and cycle parking with reserved spaces for cargo bikes and disability adapted cycles. The Southwark Spine cycle route soon to be implemented along Crystal Palace Road is expected to further encourage cycling in the area.

To improve bus journey times we are proposing to amend the bus lane operation to include an afternoon/evening peak operating time in the existing bus lane north of Blackwater Road, and to remove parking at the junction with Ashbourne Grove which is a pinchpoint for buses.

We aim to support the high street by encouraging walking and cycling: research has shown that improving the environment for walking and cycling has positive effects on the high street economy: https://tfl.gov.uk/corporate/publications-and-reports/economic-benefits-of-walking-and-cycling  with people walking, cycling and using public transport spending spending 40% more each month than car drivers . In addition, to enable more flexibility and higher turnover, we are proposing to extend the operating time of half hour bays so that after the initial free half hour visitors could extend their stay for a fee. Visitors will also be able to use shared used bays in surrounding side streets.

Why your views matter

A parking and healthier streets study is an opportunity for the council to assess the parking issues in a certain area by asking the local residents and businesses how they view parking on their street and whether they would like a parking zone and street improvements to be introduced.

The council will analyse all responses on a road by road basis and make a recommendation to the decision maker.

Any parking controls or street improvements that we introduce will take into account the results of the consultation as well as existing highway safety issues in the proposed zone, feedback from emergency services, and our wider transport policies reflecting our responsibilities to air quality and active travel.

We would like to hear your views on the proposals. Please read the background documents below and consider the proposed layout and preliminary healthy street imrpovements before completing the questionnaire online or by post via the freepost address, by 28 February 2019.

For the background information see the documents below and for more information about parking and the decision making process in Southwark visit www.southwark.gov.uk/parkingprojects

What happens next

  • Late 2018 - consultation methods and boundaries agreed by the Cabinet Member for Environment, Transport Management and Air Quality
  • January 2019 - informal consultation including drop-in session and separate meeting for business owners as well as a presentation at Community Council
  • Early 2019 - consultation findings and recommendations (including revised designs) reported to cabinet member for decision making. Report will be made available online
  • Spring 2019 - statutory consultation on revised design
  • Summer/Autumn 2019 - determination of objections, if any. Implementation of the parking zone, subject to outcome of determination


  • Consultation meeting for business-owners/traders

    From 22 Jan 2019 at 14:00 to 22 Jan 2019 at 15:30

    Come along to our meeting at Goose Green Community Centre, 62A East Dulwich Road
    London SE22 9AT.
    The meeting will be chaired. The project manager will briefly present the proposals before taking questions.
    Please remember to fill in the questionnaire online or via post to have your say. If you would like to send questions ahead of time please email them to highways@southwark.gov.uk

  • Drop-in session

    From 26 Jan 2019 at 14:00 to 26 Jan 2019 at 17:00

    Come along to our drop in session at Push Studios, 17 Blackwater Street
    London SE22 8RS
    This is an opportunity to ask questions specific to your street and to provide feedback on the design.
    Please remember however to fill in the questionnaire online or via post to have your say.


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