Dulwich Wood Park Speed Reduction

Closed 12 Mar 2018

Opened 19 Feb 2018


Southwark became a 20mph borough in March 2015. However, we have identified a number of sites where speeds regularly exceed 20mph, sometimes by a significant amount. This can increase the risk of accidents, as well as the risk that, when accidents occur, injuries may be more serious or even fatal.

We have conducted a detailed review of the sites where traffic most regularly exceeds the 20mph limit, and we have identified measures to encourage reduced vehicles speeds and keep them to the posted limit.

Average speeds on Dulwich Wood Park are almost 8mph above the limit, with many vehicles regularly exceeding 30mph

We have a duty to make any adjustments necessary to ensure that the law is being upheld, and to look after our residents’ safety.

Please see below for the plan showing the location of the changes that are planned for Dulwich Wood Park. These include:

  • Resurfacing of the road between the Paxton Green Roundabout and Lymer Avenue.
  • Providing a raised table near the junction with Baird Gardens.
  • Raising the existing crossing near St Margaret Clitherow Church and converting this to a zebra crossing.
  • Segregating the existing cycle lane on the northern side of the junction with Farquhar Road, narrowing the road and providing additional cycle lanes on the southern side.
  • Raising the road at junction with Farquhar Road.
  • Raising an existing crossing point and removing one existing crossing point, between Farquhar Road and Wickes Oake.
  • Widening the existing crossing point between Wickes Oake and Lymer Ave.

We think these works are appropriate to successfully reduce speeds on Dulwich Wood Park, and we hope to begin work later this year. However, we would appreciate your views on whether there are any additional approaches we could take.

If you would like a hard copy of the plans and feedback form please contact:

Alexander Rozema

Project Manger



What happens next

We will report the outcome in March 2018. The results will be considered by the Cabinet Member for Environment and Public Realm, who will decide whether to proceed with the changes, subject to statutory consultation.



  • All residents


  • Community Safety
  • Transport