Nursing Care Charter - management

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Closes 30 Oct 2020

Section 1 - Nursing Care Charter - management

1. How do you as a manager measure and monitor the quality of care provided by your staff?
2. Which of the following do you have in place at the home? Tick all that apply
3. What is the process for ensuring staff are aware and understand these policies? Please tick all that apply?
4. What is your staff to resident ratio?
5. Describe what actions you take to ensure the training provided to the staff meets the support needs of residents?
6. What additional training and support would you like to have for yourself and your staff? Please tick all that apply
7. Please can you describe your practice around shift handovers?
8. Do you have formal planned time and paid handover between shifts?
9. What are the three key learning points for your organisation in relation to coronavirus?