Let's talk about women's safety

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Closes 25 Jun 2021

Section 1 - questions

As a woman, we would like you to share your experiences about your safety and security in Southwark.

1. Can you tell us about your experience of being a woman (living, working and travelling) in Southwark? Do you feel?
2. What situations, if any, make you feel unsafe?
3. From your experience, how would you describe your feelings of safety?
4. What types of locations within the borough may you feel less safe?
5. What steps could be taken to improve your safety and security in these areas?
6. How safe do you feel near the following transport hubs?
7. Please tell us of any transport hubs in particular where you feel unsafe?
8. Can you name any particular areas where you feel unsafe in Southwark?
9. As a woman, living or working in Southwark, have you experienced any form of gender-based abuse or violence? (please tick all which apply)
10. Did you report the incident (s) to the police?
11. Thinking about yourself, which if any, of the following factors make you feel unsafe in Southwark?
12. Do you have any other thoughts or ideas about women's safety that you would like to share?

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