Have your say on our new Heat Metering Policy

Closed 9 Oct 2022

Opened 25 Aug 2022


Have your say on our new heat metering policy

In 2020 we first made residents aware of the new government regulations around heat metering and billing.

We now have a legal duty to introduce heat meters on estates where it is cost effective to do so.  In other words, the saving experienced by residents in the long run is greater than the initial cost of installing heat meters.

The benefits to tenants of having heat measuring devices and controls installed includes:

  • improved energy efficiency usage
  • greater convenience with heating controls.
  • improved heat network efficiency
  • improved response times when dealing with heating issues.
  • isolation within individual properties
  • improved local air quality and reduced carbon emissions

On the billing side of the regulations, the Council wants to keep the system as simple as possible and virtually identical to the way residents currently pay their bills.

This consultation is an opportunity for residents to review, give feedback and shape the council's upcoming heat metering policy. The policy only applies to properties where heat meters have been installed.  However, the council intends to roll out heat metering across the borough as more estates become viable for heat meter installation.

More background information can be found on this page and first two pages of this consultation.

This consultation is being carried out by our Southwark Heat Metering Team at Southwark Council. The closing date for this consultation is 9 October 2022.

If you would like assistance completing this consultation please call 0207 525 4153 or email heatmetering@southwark.gov.uk

Why your views matter

We see heat meters and independent heating controls becoming even more popular in the coming years which is why your views on our policy is very important to us.


What happens next

Thank you to all those who have taken part in this consultation. Once the consultation comes to an end we will gather the results and publish our findings on the Southwark website.

Warm regards,

Southwark Heat Metering


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