11,000 New Council homes - 100-138b Camberwell Grove

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Closes 21 Sep 2020

Building new homes for people in need of housing?

We have looked at a number of estates across the borough in consideration of which blocks can accommodate roof top developments, and we think the block at Camberwell Grove may be suitable.  However, before we consider this further, we want to consult residents that might be affected by our thoughts.

100- 138b Camberwell Grove

Your feedback is very important to us and we’ll use it to help us develop our plans for this site.

1. Do you think it's important that we build new homes for people in need of housing?
2. Do you support the idea of new homes for residents on your estate?
3. Is your existing home suitable for your current needs ?
4. Are there important works and improvements that are needed for your existing block?
5. How do you think your estate could be further improved?
6. Would you like to be involved in how we develop the detail plans for your block and estate?
7. Are the leaflets on roof top developments helpful in providing answers to some of your questions? Please use this section to add your comments.
8. If this site were to be chosen, do you think there are opportunities to provide new homes on land not utilised on the estate?