Support for private renters

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Closes 9 Aug 2021


1. We want to know which Ward in Southwark you live in, what is your postcode?
2. How long have you lived at your current address?
3. How long have you lived in London?
4. Who do you rent your current home from?
5. Who manages your home?
6. What kind of tenancy do you hold?
7. Who lives in your flat/house? (please tick all that apply)
8. Some homes in Southwark should be licensed by the landlord before they are rented out. Do you know if your home needs a licence?
9. Have you suffered from any problems with your housing in the past 2 years? (select all that apply)
10. To find out how to assert your rights in relation to your housing, where would you go first?
11. Should Southwark Council fund a mutual support network to empower renters with the knowledge and capacity to tackle housing issues?
12. If Southwark Council were to fund a mutual support network to empower renters, how would you like to get involved?
13. Equalities questions

Completing this section is optional.

To make sure we are providing fair services to all of Southwark’s diverse communities, it is important that we ask you a few questions about yourself. You are under no obligation to provide the information requested, but it would help us greatly if you did. The information will be used to help us plan services that meet the needs of all users. Your responses will be kept confidential and any information published will be made anonymous. The information will be used in a statistical format only.

Please tick the box or boxes below that best describe the nature of your impairment(s):