Streets for People in the East Dulwich Area

Closed 18 Mar 2024

Opened 19 Feb 2024


Tell us what you think about the proposed final designs for the Streetspace measures in the East Dulwich area.

Back in 2020, we introduced traffic filters on a number of streets in the East Dulwich area, creating a network of low traffic streets that are quieter and easier for people to walk and cycle. These filters were made permanent after consultation.

Now we are going to replace the current temporary layout with permanent features. This will transform the space and improve the appearance and accessibility of the area.

The streets under consideration are:-

  • Melbourne Grove (North)
  • Derwent Grove
  • Elsie Road
  • Tintagel Crescent
  • Melbourne Grove (South) and Tell Grove
  • Grove Vale

Our proposals include:

  • Good quality space, accessible for all to connect, socialise and play, in a safe and pleasant environment
  • Wider and more direct pedestrian crossings
  • Separating pedestrians, cyclists and motorists; reducing cyclists’ speed through traffic calming
  • More cycle parking to encourage cycling and active travel
  • Wider and continuous footpaths to make the walking route safer and more accessible
  • A virtual bookable loading bay that can be booked during off-peak hours and the space given back to pedestrians as extended footway during peak hours.
  • More trees and greenery to provide climate benefits, biodiversity and as a natural sustainable drainage system
  • Outdoor seating to encourage social interaction, stop and rest and a shaded area.

You can view visualisations of the proposals here.

This is an overview of the planned design:

Your browser does not support inline PDF viewing. Please download the PDF.

This survey should take around 5 minutes. If agreed, it is expected that construction on the final design would take place in 2025.

In this consultation, we are inviting comments on our initial designs. We are keen to hear from people who live or travel on these streets about which features you would like to see.


  • Goose Green


  • Anyone from any background


  • Communities
  • Community Safety
  • Environment
  • Local Economy and Business
  • Transport