Peckham Rye East temporary cycle lane

Closed 24 Sep 2021

Opened 4 Aug 2021


Tell us what you think about the temporary cycle lanes on Peckham Rye East.

In 2020, Southwark Council was looking into ways to improve walking, cycling and active travel, by introducing temporary traffic schemes. In October 2020, on Peckham Rye East we installed:

- Northbound and southbound segregated cycle lanes

- An additional informal crossing point for people walking

This leg of Peckham Rye is on the route for Cycleway 35, TfL's strategic cycling route between Bermondsey and Catford. This scheme helps fill part of the gap on this route between Peckham High Street and Nunhead Lane.

The segregated cycle lanes were installed under an Experimental Traffic Order, which expires after 18 months. This means a decision must be taken soon whether to make the changes permanent, modify the scheme, or remove it.

We are also planning to make some improvements in the area between Rye Lane and East Dulwich Road, in particular looking to improve the experience for those walking and cycling, and bus journey reliability. 

Why your views matter

The results of this questionnaire will be considered alongside monitoring data from the streets themselves to produce a report and a recommendation to either:

1. Make the scheme permanent
If the data and consultation feedback indicates that the trials are meeting our objectives, we will recommend making the current experimental traffic orders permanent. 

2. Make amendments to the existing scheme
If the data, consultation feedback and safety considerations indicate that changes can be made to improve the scheme then we will recommend making amendments. 

3. Remove all or part of the scheme
If the scheme is not achieving the benefits expected, we can remove all or part of the scheme (subject to safety considerations).

The feedback from this consultation will also help us design future improvements in the area, by understanding what is most important to you. 

What happens next

The responses to this consultation will be evaluated and will be submitted to the Cabinet Member to inform the decision whether the cycle lane should be made permanent. We will also use the responses to inform future phases of design works around the gyratory.


  • Peckham Rye
  • Rye Lane


  • Anyone from any background


  • Environment
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