East Camberwell - review of existing parking zone

Closed 5 Jun 2015

Opened 8 May 2015

Feedback updated 16 Mar 2016

We asked

We use parking zones to restrict parking in certain areas during busy times. We do this to make sure residents and local businesses have enough parking spaces. We asked whether you were happy with the current arrangements for the parking zone in East Camberwell, which runs from 8:30am - 6:30pm, Monday - Friday.

You said

We received 204 responses. 50% wanted the hours to remain the same and 78% wanted the days to remain the same.

We did

There will be no change to the current arrangements for the parking zone.


The East Camberwell parking zone - highlighted in the map below - currently operates all day, Monday to Friday, from 8.30am to 6.30pm.

We would like to know if residents and businesses are satisfied with the operational times of the zone.  Changes that we could consider include:

  • reducing the zone from all day to part day (e.g. for two hours per day)
  • operating on a Saturday


Please let us know what you think and make suggestions of your own by completing the survey below.

Further information can be found on the parking projects page.

What happens next

Thank you for your interest but the consultation is now closed. Further information and up to date decisions on this consultation can be viewed here.


  • Camberwell Green
  • Faraday


  • All residents
  • Businesses


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