Cossall Park Improvement Project - Please tell us your views

Closed 4 Jun 2019

Opened 18 Apr 2019



In 2019 the council will start to deliver improvement work at Cossall Park to make it a space that all residents and visitors can enjoy. In order to do that we need to agree a masterplan, so that planning permission can be sought and the landscape works can be constructed.


The aim will be to create a more joyful space, by upgrading and increasing play provision, planting and seating, improve entrances, access and connectivity through the gardens, and reduce opportunities for anti-social activity. It is also intended to create a new nature area, and improve provision for nature throughout.

Phased Approach

Because the council has a limited budget work will be done in phases, but we need to agree one masterplan to ensure that future funding can be sought, and work can be coordinated.

Design Strategies

At the first community meeting on 5th March the general views were that:

a. The existing ball court which is very popular should remain where it is.

b. The provision for play should not be reduced, and the two current play areas should be combined into one larger area.

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