Southwark Council Plan Refresh 2020

Closed 20 Oct 2020

Opened 8 Sep 2020


Southwark’s 2018-22 Council Plan is the overarching business plan for the council and describes our vision for the borough. It sets out the council’s priorities for the next four years, and the commitments that we have made to the people of Southwark. Since 2018, we have already made good progress on delivering these promises.

Why have we refreshed the Council Plan?

Things have changed significantly in Southwark, particularly over the last six months because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our priority now is to bring Southwark out of the public health crisis, rebuilding our local economy and tackling the inequalities that persist in our society. As a result of COVID-19, we are also facing a huge financial challenge, which means we have to rethink how we will deliver some commitments. This refreshed Council Plan sets out our plans to continue to improve the life chances of our residents and deliver a fairer future for all.

We’ve looked carefully at our available budgets and new priorities, focusing on what we have learned from COVID-19 and focusing on the areas that are most important for the borough’s recovery. The refreshed Council Plan reflects new priorities and sets out the action we will take between now and May 2022 to continue delivering a fairer future for all.

You can read the draft refreshed plan here.

What happens next

This consultation has now closed, thank you to everyone who took part and told us your views. We are reviewing your feedback and making changes to the plan, which will be agreed by Council Assembly on 25 November 2020. You can read the final plan and report on the Council Assembly web page.


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