Survey - Tell us what you think of our ambitions for Southwark 2030

Closed 28 Aug 2023

Opened 5 Jul 2023


Between January and April over 2000 of you told us your hopes for Southwark in 2030 and we want to share what we heard.

Based on what you told us, we have come up with 8 ambitions for what we want Southwark to look like in 2030. Now we we want you to tell us which of these we should prioritise, and your ideas for what this might mean for your neighbourhood.

Southwark is a borough that is fair, equal and for everyone.  Our shared ambition is to create a future where….

1: HomesAll residents in Southwark have a home they are proud of, that meets their needs, and they can afford

2: NeighbourhoodsAll residents will be proud of living in caring, connected and welcoming Southwark neighbourhoods

3: NatureSouthwark is a borough full of nature that residents can enjoy and be part of

4: ClimateSouthwark will be an international leader in tackling the climate emergency

5: SafetyAll people in Southwark feel and are safe on the streets, in their homes and at work

6: ProsperitySouthwark’s economy provides greener, fairer and good quality work, education and training opportunities for all 

7: Health & wellbeing People across every part of Southwark’s community are living long, healthy lives with good mental health

8: CultureEveryone in Southwark can enjoy our vibrant culture and arts scene that the borough has available


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  • Anyone from any background


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