Unpaid Carer's - Discovery

Closed 23 Feb 2024

Opened 19 Jan 2024


  • Southwark Council is working with four South East London councils on a new Unpaid Carers Discovery project to better support carers in accessing information, advice, and support online. The project will run through January to March 2024, aiming to identify a few options to improve the current offer to carers. Throughout January, we will be conducting a series of 1:1 interviews and focus groups with carers to understand your experiences and journeys and consider how to better support you and the person you care for through digital services and online resources. If you would like to participate, please contact shuying.xu@thepsc.co.uk and heather.mctaggart@thepsc.co.uk (Discovery partner). Your contribution will make a big difference.               Any time given for 1:1 interviews will be remunerated.
  • To help identify if you are an unpaid carer we are giving the following description: ‘People who help and support someone else that has a long term illness, disability, mental health condition or other conditions, and who would not be able to cope without additional support. An unpaid carer is not formally paid as a profession to help this individual.  Unpaid carers can support a family member, friend, spouse, neighbour, child, or anyone else requiring long term care.’
  • For further enquiries and confirmation about the support you give please contact your local council and ask to speak to someone in Adults Health and Social Care

Why your views matter

  • Your participation will help guide how we go forward with this project
  • Will assist us and the other borough's we are working with to seek funding to do further investigation on how we can help unpaid carer's
  • Determine how a new or improved digital offer can respond to carer needs, and help unpaid carers across South East London better access and use relevant information, advice and support


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