Disability Service: For Disabled Southwark Residents and Their Carers - Questionnaire for Carers

Closed 17 Jul 2022

Opened 17 Feb 2022


Southwark Council wants to provide a disability service offering Carers (including unpaid carers) of individuals with a disability the following:

  1. Access to information, advice and support needed to help you provide the best care possible
  2. A new way to connect with like minded carers and to access community based activities
    The aim is that the carers of disabled individuals, regardless of their disability, fully understand the local options for information, advice and support available to meet their specific needs.



Why your views matter

Who do we want to hear from?

This questionnaire is aimed at Southwark residents, who provide care to disabled individuals.

 A carer is anyone who looks after a family member, partner or friend who needs help because of their illness, frailty, disability, a mental health problem or an addiction and cannot cope without their support. When we refer to carers in this questionnaire this is inclusive of both adult and young carers and unpaid carers.

We want to hear from all carers, regardless of:

  • Age: we want this service to be available to carers of all ages
  • Disability of the cared for person: we want to support all carers 
  • Whether or not you have received support from the council in the past
  • Whether you're a registered carer or not 

Why are we asking you to complete this questionnaire?

Hearing the voice of carers is very important to Southwark Council. Feedback will help us  

  • Understand what it is that carers want from a service
  • Plan the best service possible to ensure that carers receive the best levels of support possible. 


How to complete this questionnaire? 

  • The questionnaire comprises 19 brief questions.
  • Most of the questions ask you to select an answer from a drop down box, other questions allow you to enter written text, if  you  would like to give us more detail.

Please note that if you are unsure about a question, or feel you don’t want to answer a particular question, just leave it blank and move on to the next question.


 There are two options to complete this questionnaire.  


Option 1:   Online

Simply enter your responses in the following pages  and submit when you reach the end


 Option 2: In writing  (paper version by post)

Paper copies are available, for those that prefer to provide responses in writing or who are unable or don’t feel confident in submitting online.

You can request a paper copy by emailing:  Sean.McMenimin@southwark.gov.uk

or by telephone: 07725 206651


All paper copies to be return to;

Southwark Council c/o Sean McMenimin

Disability consultation

160 Tooley Street




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