2021 Private Rented Property Licensing Proposals

Closes 28 Jun 2021

Opened 15 Feb 2021


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The last property licensing schemes finished at the end of 2020 and helped to improve many private rented properties. The council wants to renew and expand the licensing schemes in Southwark. This will help to improve more homes; helping more tenants and making life better for our residents. 

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Share your experiences and help us improve the quality of private rented housing across the borough. This consultation is open to anyone in Southwark or those with an interest in private rented housing.

Proposed additional HMO licensing scheme

Proposed Selective licensing scheme

Changes to Mandatory HMO Licensing

Summary of the Landlords’ Gold and Platinum Standard Charter

We are also running workshops and forums to get more information from those in the sector. If you are interested in joining a landlord or tenant/resident group, please email resi@southwark.gov.uk

Why we are consulting

The questions in this consultation ask about your experiences of private rented housing – whether first hand, or things you have seen in your community. Then we ask for your views on the new scheme proposals. You can read a summary of these below, and there is information that you can read as you go through the consultation as well.

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