Statement of Community Involvement

Closed 15 May 2020

Opened 16 Jan 2020


The Statement of Community Involvement explains how you can get involved in planning matters.

Its key purpose is to:

  • Give details about the opportunities you have to help make plans, policies and decisions that can affect your community and where you live
  • Show how we are working to put people at the centre of the engagement process and build strong relationships
  • Make things simpler and make sure people have a better experience when getting involved in planning matters
  • Explain how better engagement and the right opportunities can create more partnerships in planning
  • Outline our commitment to you and consider how we can deliver the values in the New Approach to Community Engagement

Please find all of the documents you need for this consultation at the end of this page. This consultation is extended until further notice.

Why We Are Consulting

We want to find out how we can improve our engagement with you in plan-making, policies and decisions.

We will do this by consulting on:

  • How we are delivering on our key values in the new approach to community engagement
  • The ways you would like us to engage with you 

We would like to hear from people from a range of backgrounds and those that have not previously been involved in planning consultations  

This includes:

  • Residents and people who spend time in the borough
  • Community and Voluntary Sector Organisations
  • Businesses


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What Happens Next

Here are the next steps…..

Steps 1 - Analysing the results

We will gather and analyse the information from all of the consultation events, meetings and online survey between April and May 2020

 Step 2 – Writing the report  

We will use what you have told us to make the necessary changes to improve the Statement for Community Involvement

We will write a report for formal approval by Cabinet in June 2020

This report will include the Consultation findings and Equality Impact Analysis (this is how we have worked to reach people that have not previously engaged and those from different backgrounds and lived experience)

Step 3 – Feedback and understanding your impact

We will feedback to you the results of this consultation and how you have shaped the Statement of Community Involvement in June 2020


The report will also be available on our website and social media platforms

 We will send the report to people that have:

  • participated in events and meetings
  • completed the online survey
  • have a MySouthwark account

Understanding your impact

We will let you know how you have contributed to the shaping and improving of the Statement of Community Involvement by:

  •  You Said…We Did

We will show you how we have responded to the things you told us. This will be made available on the consultation hub (Link) and the council website and as paper copy for meetings.

  • Attending key meetings

We will attend key meetings after the consultation ends 


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