11,000 new council homes - South Dock Marina

Closed 2 Oct 2015

Opened 9 Sep 2015

Feedback expected 7 Oct 2015


The council is seeking your views on a proposed development at South Dock Marina.  We are proposing a residential development with enhanced boat yard facilities, retail and parking.  It is estimated that the number of residential units would be around 214 and be of mixed tenure so to include homes for private sale, social rent and intermediate housing.

To ensure our proposals meet the needs of the area, we are seeking your views on a number of issues such as what you would like to see from the development and what you think of our designs and regeneration plans so far.

Why your views matter

The council as made an historic commitment to providing 11,000 new council homes by 20143; with 2,500 delivered by 2022.  Central to the delivery of the new homes is the pledge that residents will have a real say in how the new homes are delivered. For council estate residents (where the majority of the new council homes are being delivered), the council reaffirmed this pledge in November 2015 by adopting a Charter of Principles that lays out how the council will engage with residents affected by the development of the new homes. (The Charter can be found here.)

We want to apply that commitment to meaningful engagement to how we consult you on South Dock Marina by:

  • Giving you the right level of information you need to make up your mind about the benefits and disadvantages of our proposal
  • Giving you more than one way to keep informed and have your say (e.g. this survey is not the only way for you to get involved and give us your views, you can also attend one of the events listed on the right hand side and give us your views in person)
  • Taking your comments/feedback seriously – we will report back on what we’ve heard and what we are changing as a result of it.


What We Have Done So Far

May 2015 – We appointed Adam Khan Architects to develop a proposal for the site. They have done a capacity study and once we confirm a preferred proposal, they will prepare more detail designs.

July 2015 – We consulted on our initial proposal. The meeting was attended by over 30 residents but we realise that many people did not receive the notices and we have, hopefully, fixed the errors in our mailing list. We have also extended the consultation area to 500 metres. You can view the mailing list in the related documents section listed below.

In September, we launched our proposal website. We will aim to keep it updated, so that you are able to keep up with progress of the proposals.


What happens next

  • 2 October 2015 – This stage of the consultation closes
  • 7 & 8 October 2015 – We will hold our next consultation event on the revised proposal. It will comprise of 5 focus group sessions per day. Go to the South Dock Marina webpage (here) to book your place.
  • From 8 October 2015 – We will open another online consultation on the revised proposals
  • November 2015 to January 2016 – We will hold monthly steering group sessions on 3 areas of focus (the boat yard, public realm and retail offer, and architecture). If you would like to get involved, please contact us at housingregen@southwark.gov.uk
  • Winter 2015/16 – Our architects will work up the final proposals to go before the planning committee and we will hold another consultation to give you a final chance to comment.


  • South Dock Marina Consultation (no. 2)

    From 7 Oct 2015 at 17:00 to 7 Oct 2015 at 19:30

    This event is a follow-up to the consultation held on 29 July. It will give you the opportunity to discuss the revised draft proposal with the project team. To make sure we are able to accommodate as many people as possible, we will be running five 25-minute focus group sessions. Each focus group will hold a maximum of 20 people, so it is essential that you reserve a place at http://southdockmarine-consultation2.eventbrite.com


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  • All residents
  • Faith groups and organisations
  • Community and voluntary groups
  • Local groups and organisations


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