Rotherhithe Movement Plan - Rotherhithe Cycleway

Closed 4 Oct 2019

Opened 15 Jul 2019


We are consulting on creating a cycleway in the Rotherhithe area.

Future cycling demand is predicting there will be a significant desire to\from Peckham and beyond, with up to 150 cyclists using the route during the peak period, in the event of a free ferry crossing being developed.

We have developed proposals to link Cycleway 4 and Quietway 14 as a first phase and we are exploring potential connections towards Peckham.

The proposals are summarised below:

  • Existing roundabouts replaced with new traffic signals with pedestrian crossings on each arm of the junction
  • Two-way segregated cycleway on Redriff Road \ Salter Road between Lower Road and Rotherhithe Street
  • Four new zebra crossings with three with cycle crossings
  • 15 trees removed with nine new trees proposed. Over the two projects there is an overall gain of five trees

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Redriff Road and Salter Road are amongst the top ten locations in Southwark where drivers speed. This is intimidating and makes it an unpleasant place to cycle and walk. The proposals will reduce speeds particularly through the roundabouts which will now be replaced with traffic signals.

The segregated two-way cycleway and crossings will allow people to cycle and walk through the area easier and safer.

The proposals extent is listed below:

Section 14. Redriff Road \ Deal Porters Way

Section 15. Redriff Road (between Surrey Quays Road and Brunswick Quay)

Section 16. Redriff Road (Quebec Way)

Section 17. Redriff Road (between Onega Gate and Ropemaker Road)

Section 18. Redriff Road (between Norway Gate and Q 14 connection)

Section 19. Salter Road \ Rotherhithe Street 

Section 20. Rotherhithe Street (between Bryan Road and Durand's Wharf)

Section 21. Rotherhithe Street (between Durand's Wharf to Silver Walk)

Section 22. Rotherhithe Street (between Silver Walk to Acorn Walk)

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Some section plans include visualisations to give an artist impression of the proposals.

More details on the proposals are included on the consultation pages.

Why We Are Consulting

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