Designation Renewal Of The Old Bermondsey Neighbourhood Forum (OBNF)

Closed 17 Sep 2020

Opened 6 Aug 2020


We are consulting on the Designation Renewal of the Old Bermondsey Neighbourhood Forum (OBNF).

Consultation will be open on Thursday 6th Aug 2020 until Thursday 17th September 2020 to have your say.

We are seeking comments on whether the status of the OBNF as a neighbourhood forum should be renewed.

The area that the OBNF covers in Bermondsey is called Area A: which extends from Snowsfields & Newcomen Street, down to just below Great Dover Street (please map below).

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What is a Neighbourhood Forum?
Neighbourhood planning was introduced under the Localism Act 2011 to give members of the community a more hands on role in the planning of their neighbourhoods. It is a process that is led by the community and supported by the Council. The forum consists of local residents, elected members representing the local area, as well as anybody who works there.

Once designated, the forum will have the power to produce neighborhood plan which offers statutory planning guidance in making planning decisions on planning applications within the designated neighbourhood area. The OBNF have already produced a pre-submission draft Neighbourhood Plan which was submitted as a supporting document along with the application for renewal.

How can I comment?
Information on the OBNF and their application for designation renewal is available on our website for you to review:

Why we are consulting

In order for us to make a decision on the Old Bermondsey Neighbourhood Forum (OBNF) designation renewal, we need to consult local residents and people who work in the area. This is for a period of 6 weeks because we need to make sure that as many people as possible have a say in informing our final decision.



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