Notification on B1c Article 4 Direction

Closed 14 Dec 2017

Opened 28 Sep 2017


We are now out for consultation on an immediate Article 4 Direction for the conversion of B1c (light industrial) to C3 (residential) until 9 November 2017. 

The council has introduced an immediate Article 4 Directions to protect light industrial land uses on selected sites across the borough. This is in recognition of the important contribution light industrial premises make to local employment in the borough and the local and wider London economy. The Article 4 Direction removes permitted development rights for the change of use of B1c (light industrial) to residential (C3). Planning permission will now be required for any proposed changes to light industrial premises identified in the Article 4 Directions. .

Further information including a list of sites can be found listed below and also available on our online webpage also linked below.

The council invites any comments and representations.


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