Rotherhithe Movement Plan - Lower Road Two-Way streets and Cycleway 4

Closed 4 Oct 2019

Opened 15 Jul 2019


We are consulting on creating two way streets in the Lower Road area and Cycleway 4.

The existing road layout creates a sense of motor-vehicle dominance, one way streets encourage fast vehicle speeds, which adds to unpleasant conditions for both pedestrians and cyclists. 

  • Creating two way streets will allow us to improve the shopping area on Lower Road, reduce vehicle speeds and provide better conditions for pedestrians and cyclists. Bus journey times overall will also be reduced and allow improved access to Lower Road for northbound buses. Overall, local journeys by car will be improved, however some vehicular journeys may be longer. 
  • Cycleway 4 along Lower Road will provide a continuous two-way segregated cycleway between Tower Bridge and Greenwich, together with new pedestrian crossings, improved public spaces and other changes aimed at creating a more attractive environment for all users and accommodating the area’s future growth. 

The proposals are summarised below:

  • All roads are made two-way, except for Cope Street, Croft Street and a small section of Hawkstone Road
  • Lower Road between Rotherhithe Old Road and Redriff Road becomes bus and cycle only to enable connections with Cycleway 4 and the Rotherhithe Cycleway
  • The through route for traffic becomes Rotherhithe Old Road, Rotherhithe New Road, Bush Road and Bestwood Street
  • A segregated two-way cycleway is provided along  Lower Road, this forms part of the overall Cycleway 4 proposals
  • Straight ahead movement introduced from Plough Way into Rotherhithe New Road
  • Five new pedestrian crossings
  • Public realm improvements including new planting
  • Three trees removed, 13 new trees provided. Over the two projects there is an overall gain of five trees
  • Amendments to some bus routes

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The proposal to create two way streets originates from Canada Water Area Action Plan (CWAAP). Details can be found here

In the development of this scheme several other options were explored, all of which were unsuccessful as they resulted in delays which were considered unacceptable, particularly for buses. Southwark’s view is the Rotherhithe Movement Plan proposals represent the only feasible option to make the streets two-way and best addresses our aspirations for the area.

Transport for London's (TfL) consultation on Cycleway 4 (previously known as Cycle Superhighway 4) can be found here (find out more)

Click below to view videos showing how the two-way working would operate

Morning AM 

Evening PM

We used traffic modelling software to:

  • Model the existing road network based on traffic flows in 2017
  • Model future trends and estimated traffic flow for 2021, based on committed developments in the area and around London
  • Use these to plan new road networks that work for all road users – as seen in the Rotherhithe Movement Plan
  • Model the impact of these proposed new networks on future traffic flows

Click here for traffic modelling results

Click here for traffic flows

Your browser does not support inline PDF viewing.Please download the PDF. (click here for enlarged plan)

These proposals are part of the overall Rotherhithe Movement Plan.

To respond to other parts of the plan:

Rotherhithe and Surrey Docks CPZ

Rotherhithe Cycleway

More details on the proposals are included on the consultation pages.


Why We Are Consulting

We want to hear your views on proposals that will help change your streets


What Happens Next

We want to hear your views on Lower Road Two-Way streets and Cycleway 4. This consultation will remain open until January 2020. We will consider all the feedback we have received. The strategy will be finalised following meetings with Cabinet and CCG governing body in January 2020. However, we will continue to listen to people in Southwark and use their experiences to help us plan our work once the consultation has been published.

Next steps:

  1. Cabinet member makes decision (Rotherhithe Cycleway November 2019) (Lower Road Two-Way working January 2020)
  2. Rotherhithe Cycleway construction earliest start would be May 2020, complete April 2021
  3. Lower Road Two-Way working construction earliest start would be April  2021, complete April 2022




  • Rotherhithe
  • Surrey Docks


  • Everyone who lives, works or visits the borough


  • Transport