child exploitation prevention work - evaluation survey

Closed 20 May 2019

Opened 8 Apr 2019


Southwark council and all its partners work collaboratively to keep children and young people safe from sexual and criminal exploitation. To be as successful as we can be we require active participation from everyone within the borough. Active participation could mean having a concern about a child or young person’s safety that you want to report. Collectively we all play a part in keeping our children and young people safe.

You were part of a group or team that took part in a workshop or meeting on child sexual or criminal exploitation in recent months. This short questionnaire will assist us in ascertaining what impact the workshop has had on increasing identification of child exploitation and whether any further support is required.

What Happens Next

Thanks for your time, and we'll be in touch by email once we analyse the results. It will be very interesting indeed to summarise everyone's answers and start to plan new work based on what you tell us.


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