Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment Consultation

Closes 6 Feb 2018

Opened 7 Dec 2017

Feedback expected 31 Mar 2018


Southwark’s Health and Wellbeing Board has developed a new Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA). This document assesses the need for pharmaceutical services within the borough, and compares this to pharmaceutical and other services that are currently provided, together with when and where these services are available.

NHS England will use the PNA to consider applications to open a new pharmacy, move an existing pharmacy or to commission additional services from pharmacies. Other commissioning bodies such as Southwark Clinical Commissioning Group and Southwark Council will also use the document to decide whether to commission additional services through pharmacies.


Why We Are Consulting

As part of developing the current PNA, we have engaged with our local residents and all pharmacy contractors in the borough to seek their views and experiences around access and provision of pharmacy services. This engagement process consisted of two surveys: one with the public and one with our local pharmacies. The feedback from both surveys is reflected in the PNA.  

Importantly, as part of developing the PNA locally, Pharmaceutical Regulations require that a formal consultation period is undertaken on the draft Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment, with the purpose of:

  • Encouraging constructive feedback from a variety of stakeholders
  • Ensuring a wide range of primary care health professionals provide opinions and views on what is contained within the PNA



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