Great Estates guarantee

Closed 18 Oct 2020

Opened 25 Aug 2020


Great Estates is about celebrating our council estates. We want to encourage our communities to integrate. We want to make sure every estate is clean, safe and cared for, and a great place to live.

Residents are at the heart of our vision.  We need your help to make sure we can fulfil our Great Estates commitments.  We are asking you to work with us so that together we can make your homes and surrounding areas a better place to live.  For example you’re invited to attend monthly inspections of communal areas and to take part in community gardening projects on the estate..


Why we are consulting

We want to find out how you feel about the programme and your ideas of how you want to get involved.  We hope this will help:

  • Create community ownership and pride in the estates where you live
  • Health and wellbeing and community unity
  • Encourage conversations through shared interests




  • All Areas


  • Council tenants
  • Leaseholders
  • Homeowners


  • Communities
  • Environment
  • Housing