Do you want a Community Garden on Fendall Street

Closed 17 May 2023

Opened 25 Apr 2023


Tell us what you think about proposals to set up a community garden at Fendall Street on the St Saviour's Estate.

As part of the new development happening on the estate we are proposing to transform the below patch of land into a community garden.

Plan of proposed location for community garden

(proposed location of community garden)

These have been successful on other estates, giving local people something interesting to do together and an opportunity to grow their own food.

example of a community garden in Southwark

(example of a community garden in Southwark)

We are asking you if you would like to have raised beds to grow food or prefer a general low-maintenance green area to relax in.

What is proposed? Approximately 6 to 8 raised-bed plots to be built in the grassy area for tenants and residents of the Estate to grow their own food. Growing plots would be available to tenants and residents as part of a gardening group.

What would the garden look like? The raised bed planters would be made in bricks or recycled plastic materials guaranteed to last 25years.

Tell us what you think about these proposals using the form below - you can also tell us if you would be interested in being part of the gardening group and looking after one of the plots.


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