Heat Networks Consultation

Closed 9 Aug 2020

Opened 10 Jun 2020


The council plans to invest heavily in the coming years to update its heat networks across the borough and is currently formulating a strategy on how best to deliver this.

The council is currently working on an investment strategy to help us deliver an improved heating service.  We want all of our networks to be reliable, affordable and to achieve reduced carbon emissions.

Government regulations also now require heat meters to be installed in many instances. This could change the way you control and pay for your heating.

We want to hear from those residents who will be affected by these changes to find out your thoughts

Why we are consulting

Over the past year we have had 3 meetings with the ‘heat network residents working group’. This group consists of approximately 10 residents, including tenants, leaseholders & TMO representatives from across the borough who have given feedback on what changes they would like to see incorporated as part of the new strategy.

Some points that have been raised include:

  • Improving communication
  • Digital integration
  • Web services to report and track outages
  • Call centre hotline to prioritise responses
  • Protecting vulnerable residents
  • A service no worse and no more expensive than a gas boiler
  • Freedom of choice for leaseholders in relation to capital investment
  • Heat metered to reduce wastage
  • Performance guarantees
  • Low carbon

What we do not know and need to find out in more detail?

Any issues which have not yet come up in our current dataset or in the ‘residents working group’ consultations, for example estate specific issues which didn’t come to light through the residents working group.

What can be influenced by the public and what is fixed?

Fixed – we have to be guided on the heat metering front by the regulations which are soon to be updated.

Not fixed – the priorities for investment. We have statistics on “availability” of heating at the different estates but we’re keen to hear what residents’ experiences are on the ground in case we’ve missed something.

What happens next

When the consultation is completed we will anaylise the results to see what our residents have told us, this will help us to identify any additional considerations.

Feedback will be posted on the consultation hub. A link to the site will be sent out.

We will update residents and stakeholders about any new projects or refurbishments that are taking place.

We would also like to gather information about how the consulted people felt about the process by following up with questionnaires, so that we can improve any future engagement plans.



  • Untitled Event

    From 1 Jun 2020 at 08:00 to 31 Jul 2020 at 12:00

    • Online – consultation hub
    • Letters/Leaflets – to all relevant estates
    • Copy of letter / posters on noticeboards
    • Paper consultations (if requested)
    • Text message sent out to those we have mobile numbers for
    • Contact telephone number to assist completion of the online form
    • Information out to TRAs and resident officers on the estate
    • Possible open days on estates (Covid 19 compliance)


  • All Areas


  • Council tenants
  • Leaseholders


  • Housing