Draft sexual health strategy framework for 2018-21

Closed 12 Jan 2018

Opened 18 Dec 2017


Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham (LSL) public health teams are updating their sexual health strategy for 2018-21, and are seeking feedback from interested parties on its development. We would like to invite stakeholders including clinical commissioning group staff, public health directors, consultants and specialists, commissioners and sexual and reproductive health and HIV (SRH) service providers (NHS, voluntary sector and community providers) to give us their feedback on draft strategy framework.

The framework has been created by LSL public health officers, and includes our principles and priorities (‘pillars’). We want to hear from you if you think our priorities are the right ones or what you would change, your thoughts on LSL residents' sexual health needs and how you think our refreshed strategy can influence other service areas and strategies across our three boroughs.

Your thoughts and feedback are essential as we begin to draft the document and aim to create an accessible and accountable strategy.

Further engagement with stakeholders and service users will be undertaken as part o the development of the new strategy.


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  • Everyone who lives, works or visits the borough


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