Disability Service: For Disabled Southwark Residents and Their Carers - Questionnaire for Service Providers

Closed 10 Jul 2022

Opened 17 Feb 2022


Southwark Council wants to provide a new service offering Southwark residents, with a physical or learning disability, and their carers the following:

  1. A single point of access to information, advice and support
  2. A new way to connect with likeminded disabled people and to access community based activities
    The aim is that disabled individuals, regardless of their disability, and their carers, fully understand the local options for information and advice and support available to meet their specific needs.

This disability service aims to offer disabled Southwark residents and their carers , of all ages, a new way to connect with community groups and local providers and to access information, and advice needed to support their needs.


Why your views matter

We want to hear from providers of disability services in Southwark to form a better understanding of the services available across the borough and how these services might be involved.


The response from this engagement will help determine the service delivery model and to identify potential providers that might want to be considered to bid for any resulting tender process. Specifically, engagement with providers will help to

  • Inform the onward referral signposting service that we intend to provide to disabled people and their carers
  • Help the Council develop a single point of contact for disabled adults and carers in Southwark
  • Identify providers who may be interested  in assisting in the running of the service.

  • The results from the engagement will inform the selection of an appropriate service delivery model, which the Council will better understand when it is able to identify a clearer picture of the overall provider market in Southwark,  the development of the service specification which, once approved, will be put out as part of a formal tender process.

  • Who would we like to hear from?

    We would like to hear from providers of all disability services in Southwark regardless of;

  • Age – we want to hear from providers of disability services aimed at adults and children

  • Nature of service delivered – we want to hear from providers of services offering support to all physical and learning disability types, whatever that support may be
  • Provider Status: we want to hear from all disability providers regardless whether you have worked with the provider in the past or whether a profit or not for non organization. 


What happens next

1.Please make sure that you have given your consent for us to use this information ?

2. Have you indicated whether you would be willing to attend a joint meeting with other stakeholders to discuss and design what a new service might look like?

We are happy to keep you informed in the next phase of this project and are keen for you to join us in looking at the consultation results and what happens next. We ask for your contact details in the consultation and we will contact you with further updates once the consultation has been completed and anaylised

Many thanks for your time and participation.



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  • Disabled people
  • Local groups and organisations
  • Other local service providers


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