11,000 New Council Homes - Mason House and Townsend House

Closed 7 Sep 2020

Opened 15 Aug 2020


Our residents across Southwark are concerned about housing. That’s why we’re building 11,000 new council homes in the borough by 2043 - 2,500 of these by 2022. It’s a big goal, but it’s crucial if we’re going to tackle the housing crisis and make sure our residents have quality homes they can be proud of, now and in the future. 

It’s really important to us that we work with existing residents when we create new council homes in Southwark. As well, when we build new council homes on estates, we always look for ways to improve the estate so that all residents can benefit. 

Due to the low response that we received on the last online consultation hub, we decided to re-open the hub to residents who missed the opportunity to leave their views earlier.

We need your help deciding where and how we build new council homes while making improvements to your estate that all residents can benefit from.

Fill in this short survey and let us know:

  • How you think your estate could be improved
  • Where on your estate you think we could build new council homes


Throughout the design and development of any new council homes, we’ll make sure you’re involved in the most important decisions, and that there are plenty of opportunities for you to have your say. This could be through TRAs (where they exist), individually, or through drop-in meetings and events. We’ll also keep you updated through newsletters, on our website, and we’ll aim to hold meetings at times that work for everyone.


Why we are consulting

We need your help deciding where and how we build new council homes while making improvements to your estate that all residents can benefit from.

COVID 19 - The current advice is to social distance and not to gather in groups, which affects our normal consultation arrangements.  During this period a lot of our consultations and communications will be made using safe ways to contact you through email, telephone calls and text messaging, with newsletters to keep you updated.  Please give us your contact details to ensure that we can contact you.  We will resume meetings when the government advises that it is safe to do so.

Privacy statement  
Any personal information recorded here will only be used by our New Homes Team for the purposes of reference and contact under s105 of the Housing Act 1985, and will be destroyed after four years. If you are concerned about how the council uses your personal data or would like to enquire about the personal information we hold on you, please contact us via dpo@southwark.gov.uk or on 0207 525 5000.


What happens next

Thank you for completing this survey. After this consultation closes, we will look at all the responses we receive and write to the residents in summer 2020 to provide an update.



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