Rotherhithe Broadband

Closed 1 Nov 2017

Opened 20 Sep 2017

Feedback expected 30 Nov 2017


Rotherhithe broadband resident survey

We are committed to being a digitally inclusive borough. Digital inclusion means ensuring our residents have access to everything the digital world has to offer. We believe access to good internet connections is an everyday necessity, which is why we are working to improve broadband speeds.

We know that some parts of the borough, particularly in the Rotherhithe area, have unacceptably slow broadband speeds.

Slow broadband speeds can make it difficult for residents to work, communicate, watch TV, shop and access services from their home.

The council is working with broadband providers, as well as the Mayor of London and Central Government, to improve broadband speeds in Rotherhithe.

Why We Are Consulting

We want to hear from you about your experience of broadband in your home.

Your feedback will help us develop a solution that works for local residents, and build a strong case for central government funding for broadband improvements in both the Rotherhithe area and the borough as a whole.

What Happens Next

We will use the information you provide to inform our report to Cabinet which is currently scheduled for October 2017.


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