11,000 New Council Homes - Abbeyfield

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Closes 24 Jan 2019


We want to hear what you think about the proposal to build on this site. Your feedback is very important and will be used to develop the plans for this site. Please spend a few minutes recording your comments here.

1. Your postcode:

2. Your house/flat number and street: (We want to hear from anyone who is interested, but we especially want to make sure that we are considering the views of people who live close to the site)

3. Do you think that this site identified is a good one for provision of new homes?

4. If we were to develop the site what should we consider in designing the new homes? (Please select up to 3 answers)

5. If we were to develop the site what would concern you the most while it is being built? (Please select up to 2 answers)

6. Is there anything else we should consider to improve the area while we are developing the site?