Youth Provision and Travel

Closed 15 Mar 2019

Opened 18 Feb 2019


The Council is looking how it can work with communities, charities and young people to provide the best possible opportunities for youth in Southwark. We want to ensure that the resources we have give the best possible  access to good quality activities including sport and physical activities, arts, music, performance and social activities etc.

We would urge young people to complete this survey, whilst we must be ambitious we would ask that you think about your answers carefully as this will influence the choices that are made.

Anonymised survey data

This consists almost entirely of answers to multiple-choice questions, none of which contain personally identifiable data. A small number of questions provide free-text options for written answers. We ask participants not to use these fields to provide any personal information.

The anonymised survey data will be used to gain insight into the behaviour, preferences and opinions of participating young people and to inform the worrk of Southwark Council and other stakeholders.


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