Troy Town Play, Greening and Rest Area

Closed 1 Apr 2022

Opened 17 Feb 2022


Tell us your thoughts on proposals for new seating, planters and play features outside Bellenden Primary School.

Following the award of funding we will be looking to install new on-street seating, planters and play features in Troy Town, outside Bellenden Primary School. Troy Town is considered to be an ideal location for these new measures, as the street is closed to motor vehicles. The closure was installed at the request of the community and has been popular with residents, and the council would like to continue to help develop this space to its full potential.

visualisation of design

As part of the borough-wide School Streets programme we are planning to install these on-street pieces of furniture at the location shown below:-

plan of location

This scheme has been developed in consultation with and co-designed with Bellenden Primary School. Although the scheme has been developed in consultation with the school, the aim is for the measures to benefit and be used by the whole local community, including residents.

The proposed features to be installed are:

  • 2 x boards with hide and seek features and a chalk board/mirror on the backside.
  • 2 x Tiered seating module with large planter and 3 seating cubes of varying height, constructed from softwood. Includes soil and shrubs.
  • 3 x Low, sleeper planter including soil and base planting.
  • 2 x Picnic bench planter module, with picnic style benches. Includes soil and small tree/large shrub.

There will still be enough space for cyclists to pass through the street closure, and signs will be installed to safely guide cyclists through the area.

diagram of street furniture

Why your views matter

The proposed features have been designed in collaboration with the school. However we want to check that they meet the needs of residents and others who use Troy Town, and also whether there are other considerations we need to take into account.

What happens next

We will consider any comments provided as part of this consultation, and make a decision on proceeding with the measures later this Spring.


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