Trafalgar CPZ Extension to North East Peckham

Closed 14 Sep 2021

Opened 9 Aug 2021


We are proposing to implement parking restrictions to prioritise parking for residents and businesses in the streets south of Old Kent Road.

At the same time we would like to review the existing parking restrictions in Trafalgar zone (T). Permit requirements were removed in 2006 and we would like to determine whether this arrangement still works or whether we should reinstate the permit requirements.

We commenced this consultation back in March 2020, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we postponed the proposals to ensure all stakeholders could be involved. We are now recommencing the consultation which means that you should respond even if you responded to the original questionaire. 

A map of the proposals can be found in the Related Documents section of this page.

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Why your views matter

Old Kent Road is preparing for significant development over the next decade, including up to 20,000 new homes, linked with the proposed Bakerloo Line Extension. This means the surrounding area are going to see an increase in demand for parking.

In particular we want to know whether you support parking restrictions in your street, and the hours you would like to see them in operation.

We would be grateful if you could take the time to review the proposal included in this online consultation and let us know what you think via the online questionnaire.

Your views are really important to help us make sure the final design meets the needs of the local community.

We are also currently consulting on the road changes in the North Peckham area, to have your say on that consultation please visit: North Peckham Streetspace

What happens next

The responses to this consultation will be evaluated and will contribute to the final design phase. This will be submitted to the Cabinet Member for approval, subject to the outcome of statutory consultation.


  • Faraday
  • Old Kent Road
  • Peckham


  • Anyone from any background


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