Toulmin Street Safety Measures

Closed 6 Nov 2022

Opened 10 Oct 2022


Tell us what you think about proposals for safety measures around Toulmin Street, to make the roads safer and easier to use for residents and especially children attending Charles Dickens Primary School.

We have obtained funding to install a number of measures that should make the roads in this area much safer, without a reduction to parking. We are proposing:-

  • One-way vehicle restriction on Toulmin Street - northbound access from Great Suffolk Street will be prohibited
  • Existing school street scheme with barriers will be changed to an  Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system, with a camera at the junction of Toulmin Street and Lant Street. Residents of Toulmin Street will be able to obtain access exemptions for their vehicle(s) free-of-charge
  • Widened pavements on the eastern side of Toulmin Street near the school
  • Widened pavement on the western side of Toulmin Street between the junctions with Pickwick Street and Great Suffolk Street
  • Raised pedestrian crossing by the junction with Pickwick Street - and other measures to encourage vehicles to keep to the 20mph speed limit
  • Parking bays on western side of Toulmin Street near to the school reduced from 6 to 4 - but additional spaces provided on nearby Trundle Street and Weller Street - no overall loss of parking
  • One-way vehicle restriction on Trundle Street to allow for additional parking

We think these measures will deliver major benefits to safety and for people's experience of the area, without any significant disadvantage to residents. However we are keen to hear what you think, and if there are any issues that we have not considered. Please take a look at the plans and answer the questions at the link below.

We are also holding a drop-in session at Charles Dickens Primary School on Thursday 3rd November, 4.30-6pm. Come along if you have questions about the proposals.

Proposed Highway changes on Toulmin Street

Why your views matter

We have designed a set of proposals that should increase safety on the streets in this area - but we need to hear from the people who know the streets best - especially residents and people who attend or visit Charles Dickens Primary School.


  • Drop-in at Charles Dickens School

    From 3 Nov 2022 at 16:30 to 3 Nov 2022 at 18:00

    Come and meet the team and discuss the proposals in our drop-in session at Charles Dickens Primary School


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