Thrale Street Traffic Issues

Closed 20 Mar 2022

Opened 17 Feb 2022


Tell us about your experiences of using Thrale Street and any suggestions you may have for improving the street for all those living, working or travelling on it.

Thrale Street map

Local residents have told us that there is often heavy traffic on Thrale Street, with vehicles cutting between Southwark Street and Southwark Bridge Road getting caught behind parked or loading/unloading vehicles on Thrale Street itself. This creates a situation that may be dangerous and unpleasant for people living or travelling on the street.

Before we develop an action plan to address issues on Thrale Street, we would welcome the views of local residents and businesses on the nature of the problem, and any suggestions you may have for addressing it.

Why your views matter

This consultation has been prompted by local residents. We want to make sure we have heard a full range of views from local people before taking any actions.


  • Borough & Bankside


  • All residents
  • Local groups and organisations
  • Businesses


  • Community Safety
  • Local Economy and Business
  • Transport