What do you think about our Sustainable Transport Strategy?

Closed 5 Feb 2023

Opened 6 Dec 2022

Feedback updated 13 Jul 2023

We asked

What changes do we need to make to support sustainable travel in Southwark?

You said

Over 70% of respondents told us they supported measures to reduce traffic in Southwark.

We did

We have published our Streets for People strategy, with detailed proposals for reducing traffic and improving our neighbourhoods for the people who live in them. Later this year we will be engaging with people across the borough to find out what this could mean at neighbourhood and street level.

Results updated 13 Jul 2023

Thank you very much for your contributions to the Sustainable Transport Strategy consultation which we ran earlier this year.

You can read a full summary of what people told us in this Southwark Cabinet report. 70% of respondents told us that they wished to see less traffic in Southwark.

The Sustainable Transport Strategy has now been published as Streets for People – you can read all about it, download the strategy and watch a short video on our website at https://www.southwark.gov.uk/streets-for-people.

Later this year we will be launching an ambitious programme of engagement, aiming to find out, at street and neighbourhood level, what people want to see where they live. There will also be chances to comment on our plans for walking, cycling and electric vehicle provision.

Look out for further publicity on social media and Southwark Life – and make sure you, your friends, family and neighbours all have a say.


Southwark’s vision for equitable, green and healthy streets by 2030

Our Sustainable Transport Strategy sets out Southwark’s approach to improve people’s experience of travel to, from and around the borough. People’s wellbeing and their experiences of moving are at the heart of the strategy. This builds on the lessons learnt from the delivery of the Movement Plan 2019 and continuous engagement which took place over the past few years.

When we published the Movement Plan in 2019, we set out to update our strategy every five years. However, since then the world has changed greatly. Faced with the realities of climate, health and air pollution crises, we need to act quickly and ambitiously, against a background of declining funding. For these reasons we are updating our strategy now and we would welcome your views on how you are experiencing these changes and how we can work together to deliver our nine missions.


Why your views matter

We are committed to work together to provide the best possible experience for people who travel around the borough.

We asked the views of Southwark residents in 2019 when consulting on the Movement Plan, and have collected information from several other consultations that the council has carried out in recent years. We have defined our missions and objectives based on this information, our professional expertise, data, research, and working together with council colleagues.

We would like to hear from you to learn from your experience of living and moving in the borough and your view on how to achieve our missions.

Sharing your views as a group or organisation?

The online survey is designed for individual responses only. If you are sharing your views as a group or organisation please submit this in a separate document (Word document) following the guidance attached at the bottom of the page  

Submit by emailing highways@southwark.gov.uk before 5 February 2023. Please title the email 'Sustainable Transport Strategy Consultation’ 

Please contact kristin.hall@southwark.gov.uk if you: 

  • Require paper copies of any of the attached docments. 
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Are you under 18 or know anyone under 18? 

We are running a survey focused on young people to encourge participation in this age group. Please share it with any young person in Southwark





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