St George's Way Traffic Filter

Closed 26 Feb 2023

Opened 20 Jan 2023


Share your views on the St George's Way Traffic Filter

In early 2022, we implemented a temporary road closure on St George's Way. This closure allowed cyclists to travel along the whole stretch of road but restricted motor vehicles. We are also planning to link this cycle route up to a proposed two-way cycle track on Commercial Way – this is currently on hold because of a nearby development. 

The objectives of this closure are in line with our Streets for People approach, which aims to encourage walking and cycling where possible, improve air quality, create safer streets with fewer cars and allow better use of street space for residents to enjoy. 

We are also planning to link this cycle route up to a proposed two-way cycle track on Commercial Way, this is currently on hold due to a nearby development. This would then form a major north-south cycle route through Peckham and the rest of the borough.

As this closure was implemented under an experimental traffic management order, we must review the impact of it on the surrounding area and this includes a public consultation prior to a decision being made on whether to make it permanent, change it or remove it. 

We would like to know how this closure has impacted you and whether you would like to see it remain in the future.

Why your views matter

Your responses will inform the decision making process and help the Cabinet Member to make a decision on whether to keep, amend or remove the closure. 

Please share this link with your friends, family and contacts – the more people we hear from, the better informed our decisions will be. In particular, we often don’t hear from as many people in our Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities as we need to, which means it is harder to fairly represent the whole of Southwark. Help us to do better.

What happens next

We will use the results of this consultation, plus wider council policies to make a recommendation on whether to keep, remove or amend the closure on St George's Way. 


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