Southwark Statement of Licensing Policy 2021-2026

Closes 1 Mar 2020

Opened 6 Jan 2020


Southwark Council is reviewing its Alcohol Licensing Policy and we welcome feedback from all residents, businesses and partners on the changes we are proposing.  The Policy sets out how we will make licensing decisions, how new licensed premises are likely to be permitted to operate, and how the needs of residents and businesses will be addressed.

Why We Are Consulting

The Licensing Policy for Southwark is fully reviewed every five years.  A mid-term review was carried out last year, in order to address a number of matters that had arisen during the application processes and hearings.  This clarified parts of the policy and updated some minor points, including the latest alcohol crime analysis figures.  Some further changes have been considered and the council wishes now to seek your views on the latest draft policy document.  The outcome of the consultation will support the council’s decision making and assist in implementing changes to the policy. The policy will take effect on 11 January 2021.

A copy of the draft policy is available below:

Privacy notice

Any changes to the Southwark Licensing Policy must follow a statutory consultation. The Council is required to consult on its Statement of Licensing Policy under the Licensing Act 2003. 

The information received will only be used for the purposes of this consultation and Licensing Team.

Any personal data will be destroyed one year after the consultation is completed.

Anonymised responses will be used in a published public document to report to the Licensing Committee and full Council Assembly.

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