School Travel Survey - Travel after Covid-19

Closed 6 Sep 2020

Opened 13 Jul 2020


Please take a look at our School Travel Survey and help us plan for transport demands and social distancing when the new term starts. 

Covid-19 has meant many changes to all of our lives. As children return to school in September, it's essential  for Transport for London(TfL) and local authorities like Southwark to do everything we can to ensure that they are able to travel safely and observe social distancing.

We know this will put pressure on public transport and existing school bus services. Equally, it will be very bad for public health and safety if we see a greatly increased number of private car journeys. Southwark is doing all it can to support travel by healthier means, principally walking or cycling - we have widened pavements, set up new 'school street' schemes and created new traffic-free routes. Now we would really like to know how children are planning to travel to and from school in the new term.

Please help us by completing this form - please repeat for each school-age child in your household.

Why we are consulting

The Department for Transport has asked all London boroughs to collect this data. We need to know whether current measures are enough to encourage children to shift to walking or cycling - or if there is more that we could be doing.


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