Tell us what you think about traffic on Rye Lane

Closed 16 Sep 2022

Opened 18 Jul 2022

Feedback updated 20 Dec 2022

We asked

What did local people want to see as the permanent traffic arrangements on Rye Lane?

You said

61% of respondents preferred to keep the buses running two-ways on Rye Lane, though residents of Rye Lane itself, and younger people, would have preferred it to be one-way or even vehicle-free. Respondents also noted issues with rubbish, narrow pavements and street clutter.

We did

We have proposed to retain the two-way buses on Rye Lane. We will be working with disabled people, and with other teams in the council to improve pavement conditions and accessibility on Rye Lane and side streets. 

Details of the decision can be viewed here: Decision - Rye Lane - Traffic Arrangement Consultation Review - Southwark Council


We want to know what you think about Rye Lane, in particular what it is like to walk, cycle or use public transport in the area.

Photo of Rye Land by Peckham Rye train station.

Rye Lane (between Hanover Park and Copeland Road) was closed to buses, cars and other vehicles except bicycles on 6 July, 2020, to help people social distance safely when walking and queuing outside shops during the pandemic.

On 18 October 2021, the road was reopened to buses, taxis and bicycles travelling in both directions for a trial period, under an 18-month experimental traffic order.  As the trial has now been in place for nine months, the council is undertaking a public consultation on the measures to decide whether to keep or modify the arrangement.  This traffic order also allowed loading between 7am and 10am to allow businesses to operate.

Now is the time to have your say on what transport on Rye Lane looks like in the future. 

We would also like to know how else you think the Rye Lane area could be improved. There are some questions about this at the end of the questionnaire.

Please Note: Transport for London (TfL), who are responsible for providing bus services, have recently consulted on the Central Bus Review on the proposed changes to bus routes into central London. This consultation can be found on the below link: Central London Bus Review | Have Your Say Transport for London ( - TfL will provide updates on the results at this site.

Southwark Council is responsible for the management of the road. Our consultation on Rye Lane is entirely independent of the TfL consultation.

To inform our consultation, we’ve been collecting traffic data on Rye Lane and the surrounding streets. This data, along with information collected by other organisations will be assessed alongside the results of this public consultation to make a recommendation on the future of transport on Rye Lane.

Come and talk to us about the Rye Lane traffic consultation:

5 September 2022 - Rye Lane Baptist Chapel (in the hall out the back) 59A Rye Lane from 2pm to 7pm - we will have other Southwark Council staff present (2-4pm) to discuss issues such as street cleaning and safety.

Why your views matter

We want to improve Rye Lane in a way that meets the needs of the whole community - people who live here, local businesses, and people who access the street for shopping or as a transport hub.


Public consultation  -  18 July to 16 September 2022

Analysis of public consultation and data -  September 2022

Recommendations made to the Cabinet Member for Parks Streets and Clean Air  -  October 2022

Traffic Orders advertised  -  December 2022

Statutory Consultation  -  February 2022

Traffic Orders made permanent and scheme live  -  March 2023


  • Rye Lane Traffic Consultation - Drop in

    From 5 Sep 2022 at 14:00 to 5 Sep 2022 at 19:00

    Rye Lane Baptist Chapel Hall
    59a Rye Lane
    SE15 5EX
    (The hall is out the back of the Chapel)


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