Resident Booking Requirements - Use of Recycling Centre

Closed 4 Apr 2022

Opened 21 Mar 2022


Residents have been required to book visits in advance to use the Household Waste Recycling & Reuse Centre since the start of the COVID pandemic.  This has helped to manage numbers of site users at any time and to avoid overcrowding.  This has been important, especially during lockdown periods, to support social distancing, and manage traffic around the site at times of high demand.

This is no longer necessary, as COVID restrictions have reduced, and numbers within the site can be controlled with an access barrier.  However, some residents support  the booking system because it can reduce queuing at busy times.  Other residents view the booking system as an inconvenience, as visits must be planned ahead.

The council proposes to end the requirement for permits, subject to the results of this consultation.  This does not change the current requirement for site users to be householders within the borough of Southwark, and to provide evidence of identity and address to be allowed to use the recycling centre.  The existing permit system and restrictions for users of Vans is not affected, and site users with Vans will still require a permit.

Why your views matter

The council intends to end the requirement for residents to book visits in advance, unless it is clear that a majority of residents would oppose this.   We encourage all residents to give their views.

What happens next

Now that the consultation has closed we will evaluate residents' views.  Unless residents express a different view in this consultation, it is expected that the booking system for users of the Recycling Centre will be ended during April 2022.  This will mean that residents of Southwark will be able to use the site without booking in advance, and will only be required to show evidence of ID and address to show that they are eligible.


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