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Closes 9 Sep 2019

Pelier Park

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1. Please take a look at the three designs for Pelier Park. Overall what do you think about the designs?

Three designs

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2. What do you think about the idea to improve the entrances and footpaths?
3. What do you think about the locations of the playground equipment?
4. What do you think of the new table tennis?
5. Which playground equipment and materials would you like to see?
6. Would you like a corner of the park to be left as a wildlife/nature conservation?
7. What do you think about planting different type of trees to create variety and interest?
8. Do you think the existing ball court is well used and should be kept, or should it be removed permanently?
9. If you think we should include a ball court, what is your preferred location?
10. Do you think that there is anything missing from the design options that you would like to see considered for the final design?
11. Do you have any further comments about Pelier Park?
12. What is your name?
13. What is your Postcode?
14. What is your email address?
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